Gift Baskets

Gift Baskets are GREAT because they are easy on the buyers and the recipients LOVE getting them. But personalized Gift Baskets are a whole other experience and bring about a memorable exchange between friends, loved ones, co-workers, neighbours, clients and more!

SPECS’ baskets are not your ordinary gift baskets. Our baskets are unique and personalized to suit the individuals interests & needs. Personalization can come from a specific lifestyle regime (Wine Enthusiast, Horse-Lover, Raw-Food Eater, Outdoorsman, etc.), a favourite colour, or simply their name embedded on the basket’s contents.

Ordering is EASY. All we need to know is your budget and a few small notes about the recipient(s) of your gifts, and the rest is left with us.

Be it for private or business matters, SPECS ensures that each basket is special and unique and we take the time to do it right, every time.

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